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At his Encino-based practice, Dr. Behnam Kashanchi has provided obstetric care for many women who live in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Kashanchi teaches in the OB/GYN department at the University of California’s School of Medicine and is widely respected for his knowledge in obstetrics.
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Obstetrics Q & A

by Behnam Kashanchi, MD

What Is Obstetrics?

Obstetrics is the branch of medicine that focuses on childbirth. It includes pregnancy, childbirth itself and the postpartum period. In the medical field, doctors who specialize in obstetrics are often board-certified in both obstetrics and gynecology.

What Is the Difference Between Obstetrics and Gynecology?

Gynecology is closely related to obstetrics, but the two fields are distinct from each other. Like obstetrics, gynecology addresses needs that are unique to women and girls. It primarily focuses on their reproductive systems. Unlike obstetrics, gynecology doesn’t just study and treat the female reproductive system during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. Gynecology covers all periods of a woman’s life.

What Should Women Look for When Choosing an Obstetrician?

When choosing an obstetrician, women should first look for an OB/GYN who is licensed, board-certified and experienced. Licensure allows a doctor to legally practice medicine in the state, and board certification shows that he has passed rigorous exams in the field. With experience comes, even more, knowledge and wisdom as to how to treat particular scenarios that can develop during pregnancy and childbirth.

Additionally, women should look for a doctor who has a conveniently located practice and admits patients to a nearby hospital that’s easy to get to. Women need to see their OB/GYN for a lot of appointments during their pregnancy, childbirth and afterward. Going to a physician who has a conveniently located practice and sees patients at a nearby hospital will make it easy to get to and from appointments.

Does Insurance Cover Obstetric Care?

Whether a health insurance policy will cover a woman’s obstetric care depends on the policy’s particular coverages, limits, terms, and conditions. Many policies provide at least some coverage, but not all do. Patients should check with their insurer to see what their particular health insurance policy covers.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At Beverly Hills Womens Center, we accept most major medical insurance plans. Here is a short-list of just some of the most popular plans we accept. Please contact our office and ask for Christine if you do not see your insurance provider listed.

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    "Dr K is the best. I am now pregnant with my first and am so glad he is my Dr. He puts my stress-case mind at ease! Best doc I have ever been to."

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