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Pap Smear


Gynecological complications choose no age to strike. Abnormal cells on the reproductive organs may turn into cancerous cells, which may trigger complications like cervical cancer. This is where pap smear can help.

Pap smear is a simple screening test to see if the cells on the cervix are infected or at risk of developing problems. The test is an effective method for early detection of cervical cancer and similar gynecological complications.

Who Can Undergo a Pap Smear?

We recommend the procedure to women above the age of 21. Pregnant women can also undergo the test if they wish to check their cervix for any signs of abnormalities. Women who are over 65 years of age can consult Dr. Kashanchi if they still require the test, unless they’ve undergone total hysterectomy (complete removal of the cervix) in the past.

How Is It Done?

The procedure is quick and relatively painless — it only takes a few minutes to complete. Patients need to lie down on the examination table while our gynecologist inserts a lubricated speculum into the vagina. Using the spatula, our gynecologist will brush the cervix to collect the cells. The cells will be placed on a microscope slide and checked for any signs of abnormalities. If the gynecologist finds traces of an infection or doesn’t have enough cell samples for the test, we recommend repeating the procedure to get accurate results.

Every center follows certain guidelines, but we’ll be more than glad to discuss the procedure and answer any question for your convenience. Set an appointment with Dr. Kashanchi to avoid complications and ensure reproductive health.